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Chat with HostGator

Chat Start Date: Apr 25  2010    10:10:08 AM
(10:12:19 AM) Chat Technician: has entered the chat.
(10:12:26 AM) Chat Technician: Hello, welcome to HostGator Live Chat.
(10:12:29 AM) Wolf Halton: hi
(10:13:16 AM) Chat Technician: How long are you planning to buy the business plan?
(10:13:53 AM) Wolf Halton: I don’t know whay you mean. I have been a customer for 3 or 4 years.
(10:14:26 AM) Chat Technician: Sorry let me clarify. I mean how long are you thinking of purchasing the business plan?
(10:14:48 AM) Wolf Halton: I started thinking about it today
(10:15:01 AM) Chat Technician: And the duration?
(10:15:15 AM) Wolf Halton: 5 or 10 minutes now
(10:15:17 AM) Chat Technician: 1 month, 12, 24, 36?
(10:16:22 AM) Wolf Halton: so there is no benefit for a longterm customer to upgrade to a more comprehensive package?
(10:16:51 AM) Chat Technician: Just a 20% off the first payment.
(10:17:21 AM) Wolf Halton: otherwise rack rates apply?
(10:17:45 AM) Chat Technician: Rack rates?
(10:17:54 AM) Chat Technician: What do you mean by that?
(10:18:26 AM) Wolf Halton: published rates on your web site, of which I am already aware.
(10:18:38 AM) Chat Technician: Oh right, that is correct.
(10:18:53 AM) Wolf Halton: thank you for your help
(10:18:57 AM) Wolf Halton: bye
(10:19:03 AM) Chat Technician: Not a problem at all.
(10:19:08 AM) Chat Technician: Thank you for using HostGator Live Chat. If you could take a minute to rate your experience with HostGator as well as my overall performance, that would help us to improve our customer service. To do that, just click the button that says Rate and Exit in the upper right hand corner. The survey takes less than a minute to fill out.

What would you rate the chat?

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